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Apple Targets Schools with iPad 5th and 6th Generation

Apple Targets Schools with iPad 5th and 6th Generation

Apple has always been a leader in Education and targeting their products for students and schools.  Way back to the Apple I and Apple II computers, Steve Jobs and the leadership of Apple has always played a long term school game hoping students would become lifelong users of their products.  This was long before the introduction of the iPad, or certainly the iPad 5th

iPad 6th Generation Repair

iPad 6 Screen Repair for Schools

Generation or iPad 6th Generation!  But now in 2018, here we are and iPads in the classroom for 1:1 (“one to one”) programs is the textbook of tomorrow for students and teachers in the classroom.

In early 2018 Tim Cook hosted an event in Chicago featuring the iPad initiative in schools and classrooms and introduced the iPad 6th Generation.  This new iPad added Apple Pencil (the Apple stylus) to the latest version of the iPad, and reduced the price for the iPad 6th Generation to just $299 for schools and school districts.  This amazing low price, coupled with a lot of software to manage iPads by Technology Administrators in Schools showed that Apple is once again doubling-down in the Education Ed-Tech space.  They are active participants in ISTE an other organizations helping to promote technology in the classroom.

School iPad Repair for iPad 5th Generation and iPad 6th Generation

Schools and school districts have been making quick purchases of the iPad 6th Generation.  And they have also started to have needs to repair these devices.  Apple offers their own repair plans.  And companies like RepairZoom and others around the world offer 3rd Party iPad Repair for Schools.  iPad 6th Generation Repair is new at RepairZoom and is starting already to see a lot of repairs coming in.  Of course, it’s typically iPad Screen Repair and other basic repairs for these devices.  Students often drop and damage the screens on their iPad 5th Gen and iPad 6th Gen and finding the correct and high quality solution to fix these is needed and necessary.  For 8 years, RepairZoom has been helping schools nationwide with their iPad Repair needs and adding this latest device to the family of repairs they offer was the logical next step.


Apple iPad Repair Updates for 2017

iPad Repair Suggestions for 2017

So here we find ourselves well into 2017, and many folks are living with broken iPad screens.  Choosing the best repair vendor for your needs depends an several factors.  Are you looking for an individual iPad Repair, or something for an organization like some that might need school district iPad Repair services.  Other factors have a lot to do with where you are located, and what local options in iPad Repair and iPhone repair are available to you.

Current Apple Product Line for iPhones and iPads

The biggest news in Apple-land is the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, released at the end of 2017.  These iPhone models are selling well, and breaking easily too.  Gone are the rumors of sapphire “unbreakable iPhone screens” and we still have a highly delicate iPhone screen that can break easily.  The new feature around water-reistance on the iPhone 7 has finally come to fruition.  However, the screens still break easily, and can be repaired with very low expense.  We have seen many companies start offering iPhone 7 Screen repair and it is only early January 2017.  Prices are in the low $100 range already for independent iPhone Screen Repairs.

The iPad world is a bit simpler in 2017.  Apple is offering just 2 versions of the iPad Mini, and 3 versions of the iPad Pro.  Once legacy holdover is the iPad Air 2, which is still available as of early 2017, but perhaps will not still be on the market at the end of the year.  Major new features in the iPad Pro include better audio features, and improved wireless technologies.  Also incorporated is the Apple Pencil, an exciting new feature that artists and developers are already finding new uses for.

Whichever types of Apple mobile iOS devices you use, rest assured that repair services for iPhones and iPads are getting less expensive and easier across the board.  AppleCare is still a popular options for many users… and independent repair solutions are also still quite popular.  Look for companies with many years of repair experience and look for companies like RepairZoom in the USA and iCorrect in the UK for the best in repair options.


iPad Repair Suggestions

There is a great new blog out there with all kinds of handy new advice for those of you who are clumsy can break your iPads. This new iPad repair blog can be found here. The authors are clearly experts in the field of iPad repair having sorted out the challenge is currently being face by consumers with broken iPads and iPad airs. They have a number of suggestions without bias and we strongly suggest you take a look at this well-thought-out new destination for iPad repair suggestions.

They give you great money saving advice regarding  repair pricing, quality suggestions, and advice on how long iPad repairs take. In addition to all of this they seem to have unbiased suggestions of quality repair facilities including using the Apple store for any needed iPad air or even an iPad mini repairs.