New for 2017 iPad introduced for just $329

New for 2017 iPad Introduced for just $329 – Full of Features – but screens still very breakable

There is a new for 2017 iPad on the market and this time, Apple fans will love the low price.  It’s an amazing device, quite similar to the iPad Air, but with a lower price and including touch-ID fingerprint sensor.  The iPad 2017 was announced in a press release on 21 March 2017, and pre-orders began on Friday 24 March. It is now also available in many stores, including the Apple Store under iPad 2017 9-7.

MacWorld UK likes the new iPad 9.7 for 2017.  The give it rave reviews on all counts, except just one.  The device goes back to the older design technique, having a separate Screen/LCD – making it slightly thicker… yet easier to repair.  We think this relates more to cost and re-utilizing the iPad Air 1 assembly techniques and assembly lines.  Consumers will hardly notice the difference, until the go for an iPad 2017 Screen Repair, when they will find that the device is much less expensive to fix than the iPad Pro.

Schools and school districts are especially excited about the iPad 2017 version.  The cost is very low for both purchase (with Apple discounts especially) and repairs are going to be less than $100 per unit.  It’s a no-brainer for schools that need to refresh their iPad 1:1 deployment for students in the 2017-2018 school year.  Parents too will like to choose this device when their student needs to bring their own iPad to school.