My iPad Air Was Thrown Out of My Car!

After my 2-year old daughter threw my iPad out of our car window, which was on the freeway, I was not happy.  The device was shattered.  I gave it to her playing her favorite nursery rhymes on the iPad when she, all of a sudden, threw it out of the window. Obviously, she was not aware of the consequences when she did it.

After my daughter broke the iPad, I was upset for a while, but came back to my senses soon after I spun around to pick up my new iPad Air off the freeway.  I literally reached out of the car door and grabbed the iPad which was lying face down on the pavement.

Needless to say, the screen and the digitizer were destroyed.  Even the LCD sitting under the screen and digitizer was full of weird wavy lines.  It was actually worse than I expected.  I was very sad to see the condition of my new iPad Air, and I considered just throwing it away, at first.

I went back home disappointed and my wife told me not to worry. She said that I should get it repaired even though it is so badly damaged. I felt that it is totally useless as whole of the iPad screen is damaged and possibly some internal parts might have been damaged too. However, my wife still insisted on getting it repaired and so I searched some service centers in a local directory. I visited one of the service centers and asked a lot of questions.

Can you repair the iPad?” The guy at the service center looked at my face and said, “Of course, we can.”

Before I handed over my device for an iPad Air Screen Repair at the service center, I was worried and actually apprehensive about getting it further damaged by them if they are not experts in iPad repair.  However, I finally handed over my iPad to the technician after he assured me of the quality of his company.  I was convinced they were experienced certified experts in iPad screen repair.  He told me how he has helped restore many iPads that have been badly broken in even worse condition than mine!  He also said that I should not be worried about my iPad anymore as they will be fixing iPad glass and make it look as good as before.

He was right. After I got my iPad back I couldn’t believe that it is the same old iPad that had been tossed out the window by my precocious daughter!  Now we just have a fun story tell friends and family about how our iPad Air was badly damaged – and fixed!