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Apple iPad Pro, iPhone, Apple TV, MacBook and other Product Updates 2016

Apple iPad Pro, iPhone, Apple TV, MacBook and other Product Updates 2016

There are so many Apple Product Updates to share for 2016 we almost don’t know where to begin.  Many of the Apple iPhone and iPad product updates have already been summarized in blogs like this iPad and iPhone Repairs Blog – but we’ve got our own spin on Tim Cook and company’s latest new Apple product lineup so let’s get started!

Apple TV gets the features it needs

Apple TV is finally starting to become a legitimate hot product.  The typical features of the updated device can be found here on the Apple TV home page… but we are especially exited about two particular features:  Siri for Apple TV, and the latest AppleTV App Based Interface.

You might be asking, Siri for Apple TV?  I thought it already had that!  Well… yes and no.  Siri was in there for searching on a few things like “Siri what’s the weather in Orange County today”?  But you could not use ‘her’ for searching within Apps.  Let’s say you are in the HBO App on Apple TV and you want to search for Game Of Thrones.  Now you can just tell Siri… and she will search it based on your voice command!  No more annoying letter-by-letter inputs along a scroll bar.  In addition to content being delivered via Apps for Apple TV, this is a big step forward and we love it.  (Hint: you can also now us an Apple wireless keyboard on Apple TV.)

iPad Pro Grows (and shrinks) it’s line up!

So last year Apple released a very large iPad called the iPad Pro.  Turns out that while this seemingly niche based product was making small waves in the media, it was making some great progress in sales and learning for Apple.  Tim Cook shared that the iPad Pro has been particularly instrumental in bringing former Mac users into the Apple family of products with its detachable keyboard, making it a great crossover platform from PC/Tablet hybrid lovers.  Microsoft had tried this strategy with their Suface Pro product line, but it seems Apple has perfected it with their design superiority.

iPad Pro with Keyboards

iPad Pro 9.7″ and 12.9″ – shown with optional bluetooth wireless keyboards.

And now, the IPad Pro gets a second smaller size too.  Apple has introduced the iPad Pro 9.7″ version.  This is virtually the same size as the iPad Air device, and begs the question as to what will happen to that brand in the long run.  But for now, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro will be marketed side-by-side albeit with many more features available for the iPad Pro.  These include detachable wireless keyboard, superior 4 speaker stereo sound, superior wireless connectivity, and support for the Apple Pencil stylus device.  It’s a much more feature rich platform and likely signals the future upgrade worthy device for iPad users in business, education, and consumer segments.  Look for Apple to make a big iPad push again as they have a big investment in this product and are launching features that consumers will consider worthy of upgrading.

MacBook lineup is still a focus for Apple

Finally, we take note of the strong performance that continues in the laptop/notebook and desktop computer segments.  Apple currently markets the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook, and iMac lines in the big umbrella Mac (computer) segment.  All products are currently  supported by the latest OS called OS X El Capitan.  We take note of the emphasis Apple seems to be placing on getting this large (and somewhat confusing) product lineup back in a more simplistic naming convention between laptops and desktops.  Look for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac to return to the future of the lineup.  The (somewhat silly) “Air” appendage to many of Apple’s family of product is likely to disappear in the near future.  And we agree…. it’s time.

Apple recently introduced a revamped MacBook Pro and it’s actually the best laptop on the market today.  It’s thinner, faster, more powerful, and filled with amazing upgrades.  The best upgrades include the new Force Touch trackpad (also found on iPhones), longer battery life, and faster all flash storage.  It’s a worthwhile upgrade especially if you’re using at 2011 or earlier vintage MacBook.  It’s time to upgrade on your next opportunity.

iPhone SE Introduced and iPhone lineup bolstered again

Not to be outdone, Tim Cook finally has also addressed some lingering issues with iPhone. First off, he settled the question as to what size choices consumers will have when it comes their iPhones. And it turns out the answer is three. Consumers will be able to continue to choose the  four-inch iPhone, with the new iPhone SE.  A 4.7 inch iPhone 6S.  And the largest iPhone, the 5.5″ iPhone 6S plus.

When many Apple watchers had expected the final phasing out of the product line formerly known as iPhone 5, Tim Cook and Apple surprised the tech community by introducing an entirely new four-inch iPhone called the iPhone SE.  This is essentially a hybrid device that bridges iPhone five an iPhone 6.  Think of it as a facelift for the iPhone 5.  Apple has introduced a variety of iPhone 6-like features inside the iPhone SE including almost everything except for the new force touch technology.

Tim Cook shared many insights, but the most interesting was that consumers around the world seems to really love the size of a 4 inch iPhone. So cutting off this market made no sense… and it was time to simply boost the power of this device.  In addition, they introduced a collection of four colors for the device similar to nearly every product in the IOS family today. Those include space gray, silver, gold, and a pink light-colored called rose gold.  The iPhone SE is available to buy immediately online or at any Apple store.